WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.Only For Adults, MINORS Are Prohibited From Buying E-Cigarette.

"No sales to minors" is our first rule

Since its establishment in 2021, JOIWAY has launched the "Sunrise Program", which aims to provide a better growth environment for minors. We thoroughly implement the laws and regulations of various countries, and regard "not selling vape to minors" as the first criterion, and protect minors from various aspects such as product labeling, marketing channels, and technological innovation.
JOIWAY against the use of products by minors
JOIWAY opposes sales of products to minors

Brand Story
Brand Story

There are obvious warning signs wherever you can touch JOIWAY

We will display obvious "nicotine warning" and "prohibited sales to minors" signs in all product packaging, marketing activities and display materials in specialty stores, and never use advertising models and guiding words aimed at minors. Do not use imagery and cultural elements that may appeal to minors.