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Warranty Policy

“JUSTJOIWAY” Warranty Policy


Warranty Coverage

JOIWAY assures that the non-consumption products you purchase are eligible for this after-sales service.


Warranty Period

According to the "JUSTJOIWAY" after-sales policy,

If the device is purchased from official channels, if the device cannot be used normally under non-human circumstances, the device will be replaced free of charge.


How to Obtain Warranty Service

After-sales service will be provided in the following forms.

· JOIWAY recommends that you find the store where you purchased the product for after-sales service.

· If your after-sales request cannot be processed at the store, you can still go through the JOIWAY official website for assistance.However, you shall not file after-sales requests at the same time and repeatedly at store and through JOIWAY official website. If the above circumstances are found, JOIWAY has the right to refuse your application.


What Proofs Do You Need to Provide?

For after-sales service you will need to provide the following proofs, After-sales service may be refused if one of the proofs is missing.

· Proofs of purchase (if no invoice for online purchase, a screenshot of an online order is required)

· Pictures or videos of damaged products

· SN code and anti-counterfeit code


Exceptional cases

JOIWAY may not be able to provide you with after-sales service in the following cases:

1.If you still have an outstanding after-sales work order when you submit a new after-sales request through the JOIWAY website

2.The SN code/anti-counterfeit code you provide does not match or you fail to submit the product's SN code/anti-counterfeit code.

3.Surface wear induced by use does affect the normal use of the product

4.Damage caused by human factors (including, but not limited to, damage caused by falling, squeezing, bumping, damage caused by liquid splashing (but not juice leakage), chemical corrosion, and damage caused by foreign items entering the product interior).

5.Damage caused by improper use or maintenance (including but not limited to: damage caused by incorrect charging).

6.Damage caused by force majeure.


Other Notices

1. If products acquired in various countries are incompatible with this after-sales policy, the local policies, laws, and regulations will take precedence due to national policy variances.

2. Once your after-sales application has been approved, JOIWAY will process it under the guidelines below.

2.1 If the color of your product is out of stock, JOIWAY will randomly provide you with a replacement in another color of the same product.

2.2 If your product is discontinued and an upgrade to the same series is available, JOIWAY will provide you with a replacement of the upgraded product.
2.3 If your product has been discontinued and there is no upgraded product., JOIWAY will provide you with another product of equal or comparable value to replace it.

3. If you provide an incorrect delivery address or the recipient refuse to sign for the delivery, you should be responsible for any resulting damages

4. To ensure your proper rights, please carefully inspect the product before signing for it (whether there is damage caused by logistics and other reasons)



1. JOIWAY's entire obligation to you does not exceed the scope of this after-sales service policy, and this service policy is the only foundation for JOIWAY to provide you with after-sales support for the products you have purchased.

2. JOIWAY Strongly recommends that you carefully read the user instructions and utilize the product under those instructions.

3. The Warranty Policy is formulated by JOIWAY, and JOIWAY has the exclusive right of interpretation and can revise the policy document from time to time.

4. If you have any questions, please contact JOIWAY customer service team through our official website or by emailing service@gapvapeclub.com